Finishing, Drying, Heat Setting & Shrinking Machines

  • Padders/Foulards for all  textile products (Cotton, Woven Fabrics & Mixed, Knitted/Jersey/Elastic/Wool Fabrics, Silk and Dyeing)
  • Spray Unit for Single /Double side spray of softening Chemicals, Antibacterial ,Water Riepellent Chemicals etc.
  • Weft Straighteners.
  • Fully Automatic Single Layer Stenters for Gas/Oil Heating with Pin + Clips for Woven, Knit, Lycra, Denim, Woolen & Non Woven
  • Relax/Net Dryers, Tumbler Dryers.
  • Stretching Tenter Frame for Open width Knitted Fabric, Warp Knitting, Woven, Lycra, Woolen & Denim with Gumming, Cutting, Suction and Drying Units (if needed).
  • Shrinking/Sanforizer (for Woven/Special for Knit/Denim/Lycra/Special for Polyester Fabric).
  • Tubular & Open width Compactors.