Pretreatment and Preparation Machines for all kind of Fabrics
(Rayon, Polyester, PC/TR/Viscose/Cotton Lycra/Spandex)

  • Weaving Preparatory Machine (Warping & Sizing)
  • Grey Preparation Machines for Knitted (Warp Knitted and Tubular Fabric), Woven Fabric (Normal & Wider Width also Denim), Terry Towel & Carpets
  • Gas Singeing
  • Desizing Washing & Scouring
  • Continuous Washing for Printing
  • Continuous Bleaching Range
  • Mercerizing
  • Drying Cylinders
  • Complete range of machines and lines for the PREPARATION of GREY FABRICS to the follow textile operations like Singeing, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing, printing and finishing
  • Tubular Knit Opener / Slitting Machines
  • Fabrics Untwist Machines
  • Nonstop Winder/Unwinders