Value Added Machines

Matchpoint T. Deutschland GmbH |
  • Diamondtech Sueding Machine can suede woven, knit , Denim Cotton fabric and other materials (Suiting Fabric , Shirting Fabric , Denim, Home Textile & Automotive Fabric).
  • Diamond Finishing Tools for textile industry:  We are converting Normal Sand Paper Sueding Machines to Diamond Sueding Machines to get "Microsanding" effects in Fabric .
  • Diamond Denim Finishing:  Either by Converting existing machine or by Diamondtech Machine Denim Fabric is being sueded, Technically its being call DDF . By DDF technology Denim Garment manufactures can save lots of Chemicals, Water , time in washing and give the Garments soft Sueded Feeling , good savings and value addition for Fabric and Garments. 
SASPES S.r.l |
  • Fabric Surface Treatment "RedmanizingTM (which is considered half way between a Slight Raising & a Strong Sueding) of Knitted Fabrics
  • Special Raising Machine with high speed of its drum rotation, has reached 400 revolutions per minute & Shearing Machine
  • "Rotopress" (Seamless Sueding Machine) for thermoformed printed fabrics production (underwear, bras, shoulder pads for jackets, sportswear skiing, cycling, motorcycling, motor racing, hockey, the medical linings, braces, orthopedic parts & interior decoration, toys, etc)