Coating, Flocking Lamination & Foaming (Woven And Non-woven)

Hansa Mixer |
Hansa Mixer is one of the leading providers of mixing machines and foam generators for the food and non-food industry world-wide. More than 2,000 customers in over 120 countries and more than 5,000 systems that we have produced till date
  • Foaming & Mixing For Non Food : Hansa Mixer is making  Mixing and Foaming systems for textiles, Non Woven, Cosmatics & Farmaceuticals Industries – e.g. with Teflon, fluorocarbon as impregnation or anti-dirt-coating., lattices and acrylate binders, water-based resins for “no-iron”-coatings of shirt materials.
  • Foaming & Mixing For Food : For Industries like Baked Food, Candys & Toffees Industry, Milk Products and Other foods (Sauses, Margarines with Nitrogen)
  • Flocking Objects, Fabrics and Rolls Materials Machines
  • The direct coating lines are used to apply the chemical directly on the fabric or non-woven fabric (wet process)
  • AIGLE offers different lamination plants :
    • "wet", with coating head and lamination unit.
    • "powder", with powders melt distribution & infrared units
    • "flame", for polyurethane foams
    • "hotmelt", for thermoplastic type PES, PA, EVA and PE