High-tech European Cutting, Spreading, Garment Washing, Dyeing and Finishing Machines

Coll-Loras S.A (Cosmotex) | www.cosmotex.net
  • Machines for Cutting (Fabric Spreading, Fabric Roll Loaders, Feeding Systems, Band Knife & Tubular Quarter Turn Machine)
  • Machines for Industrial Garment Washing, Dyeing, Tumble Drying and Hydro-extractor.
  • Machines for Ironing (Manual, Automatic, Automatic with Press, Automatic for Knitting Blanks, Steam Generators type Horizontal with electrical/gas/gas-oil and Topper Machine for the Vaporizing and Stretching of Washed or Dyed Trousers)
  • Screen Printing Machines (Carrousel Round & Oval, Big Single Pieces & Continuous Rolls Printing, Intermediate Drying FLASH & Drying Tunnel for Textile Printing)
  • Transfer Printing Machines (Transfer Printing, Automatic Transfer with Conveyor Belt & Transfer Printing in Continuous SC-92)
  • Other Machines (Tubular Quarter Turn Machine, Spraying and Brushing, Curing Oven, Turning Inside Out Trouser)