Printing Machines, Accessories & Color Preparation

  • Italian  Premium Steamer Machine for Printed Fabric
      › Fabric feed roller covered with braided fiberglass sleeve
      › Heating coils for entry and exit walls and for the roof
      › High Temperature heating option (on request)
      › Variable loop length
      › Touch screen control panel with easy and effective HMI interface
      › Adjustable speed and rotation sense for the transporting rods
      › Transporting rods covered with braided fiberglass sleeves and silicone rings
      › Automatic pitch variation mm 100 to 200 or mm 150 to 300 (on request)



  • Inkjet Printing Machine
  • Inkjet Engraver Machine
  • UV Flatbed Printer
  • Computer to Screen Engraver
  • Flatbed Engraver


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  • Steamer Agent/Polymerizer
  • Color Preparation Machines (Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic)
    • Gum/Thickener Preparation, Storage and Dispensing Units
    • Gum/Thickener Preparation Unit
    • Color Preparation Units, Color Mixers/Homogenizer Units
    • Color Tubs Lifter and Vaccum Filtering Units, Color Tubs Washing
  • Machine Portable Pumping Station
  • Rotary Screens Preparation, Printing Table and Ancillary Equipment