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KRANTZ .. this name stands for over 135 years of industrial history.

In the westernmost city in Germany, Aachen, close to the borders with the Netherlands and Belgium, the engineer Hermann Krantz founded the company in 1882. After initially focusing on ventilation and heating systems, textile machines quickly became another strong pillar of the company. As early as the 1920s, the company was not only supplying German textile companies but was already active worldwide. Since then, the name Krantz has been synonymous with high-performance and high-quality machines in the field of finishing and discontinuous dyeing.

In 1992 the Krantz family decided to sell the company to the Deutsche Babcock Group. As part of the subsequent realignment of the company, the production of the dyeing machines was outsourced to an independent subsidiary in Turkey. Here, of course, great importance was attached to ensuring that the old quality standards  were fully guaranteed.

  • RAPIDDYE® -The RAPIDDYE is a state-of-the-art dyeing machine which, thanks to its outstanding capabilities, enables the user to achieve considerable cost savings in addition to absolute process reliability. Due to the unique combination of high-speed drive, optimally designed frequency-controlled pump, the vario nozzle and the BDS-OCTOPUS fleet distribution system, the user can not only achieve outstanding results with standard goods. The machine can also be used for goods where the use of such kind of machines has been considered as simply impossible.  A liquor ratio that comes close to that of air dyeing machines also rounds off the whole thing economically.

    The RAPIDDYE is available with a j-box size of 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 kg per chamber. Furthermore, sample dyeing machines with a capacity of 10, 25 and 50 kg are also available. In addition, the RAPIDDYE can be precisely adapted to your application needs with a wide range of options.

  • SENSODYE® The new long tube dyeing machine SENSODYE® with its increased productivity and enhanced reliability, offers complete new perspectives and possibilities for all progressive textile dyeing and finishing mills worldwide. The standard capacity per tube is 100 or 250 kg, so that a range between 100 up to 1000 kg per batch can be covered. Sample machines with a capacity of 25, 50 and 75 kg are also available.

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  • Relax Dryer (Kattrulartti) : Kattrulartti is designed for tensionless shrinkage and relax drying of knitted and woven fabrics in a wide variety of versions as Kattrulartti series available in single or multipass with gas/steam/.thermal oil technology.
  • Tubular Compactor (Meruugeettri): Meruugeettri Our fully automatic tubular Compactor is designed for the finishing of tubular knitted fabrics in fold to stabilise the dimension with load cell technology & industrial revolution 4.0.
  • Tubular Padder (Vattahalvirutti):VattahalVirutti is an ideal hydro discharge and overstretch machine designed to superior quality for the tubular knitwear finishing segment.
  • Slitter (Vattahalvetti)/ Rope Opener: Slitting Machine for Knitted Fabric is advanced slitting machine with German slitting sensor suitable for all kinds of knitted fabrics. Open Width Compactor (Akalthira Meruugeettri) with sanforising Unit: Akalthira Meruugeettri is designed for the finishing of Open width knitted fabrics in fold to stabilise the dimension
Designed on German engineering, Consultex Systems Inc. has manufactured innovative rotor spray coating systems serving the textile, nonwovens, rolled steel, film, paper, tissue, and food industries for more than 50 years.
  • Spray Coating
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With 25 years of experience, Yamuna has developed a high level of sensibility to the special needs of customers and provides them with the right machines, at the right time and of course, the right pricing! Engineering (innovative engineering) Yamuna Machine Works to truly enrich and empower its customers in India and abroad with cutting-edge solutions. This smart engineering has helped Yamuna to build business and relationships on the very foundation of customer satisfaction for itself among the leading manufacturers for textile processing, finishing and allied industries.
  • Stenters – Single Layer Stenters for drying of Coated Technical Textile Fabric, Denim, Knit and Woven. 
  • Dyeing And Drying Machines -  Hydraulic Jigger, Cold Pad Batch, Cylinder Drying Range, Relax Dryer, Curing / Polymerise, After Printing Dryers
  • Denim and Cotton - Singeing & Desizing, Pad - Steam Range, Meceriszing, Washing Range , Shrinking Range and Finishing Range.
  • Knitting - Relax Dryers, Tumbler Dryers
  • Coating & Technical Textile - Coating Line, Bath Mates & Carpets, Dipping Lines , Non Woven
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  • Monti Mac Italy : Since 1931 MONTI-MAC means AUTOMATION in the stitching and cutting processes of traditional and technical textiles. "traditional fabrics" where Monti Mac is in a position to supply: automatic GREY PREPARATION LINES for woven and knitted fabrics and AUTOMATIC STITCHING and HEMMING machines for HOME TEXTILE (terry towels, bed sheets, pillow cases, bags etc) 
  • MONTI-MAC means"technical fabrics" where we are in a position to supply automatic machines for GEOTEXTILE, NET FOR AGRICOLTURE, KEVLAR, FIBER GLASS etc.
  • Monti Mac is one of the best manufacturer for Complete range of machines and lines for the PREPARATION of GREY FABRICS to the follow textile operations as Bleaching, Mercerizing, Dyeing, Printing and Finishing, Portable Sewing Machines, End to End Seam, Hamming, Overedging , Winding of Fabric's edges, Sltting and cutting machines.